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Important information

As Argentina didn´t suscribe to the PCT. Any patent application must be filed within one year from the date of application (priority certificate) or before the publication (without priority). In case that an original PCT application was published, novelty will be questioned, and the invention will became public domain.

We have an easy procedure for filing a patent application in Argentina. We work with digital documents, and courier services.

If you have a patent registered in another country, you have 12 month to claim a priority, when you start filing a patent application in Argentina.
patent registration argentina

¿What information and documents we need to start a patent application in Argentina?

To proceed with a patent registration in Argentina, we need a description and claims of the invention. A priority certificate is needed in case that is claimed.

To obtain an Argentinean Patent, the application must be written in Spanish language. It can be in another language, but it’s required to present a Spanish translation during the first ten working days.


They represent you or your company, you have to provide a Power of Attorney POA, that should be notarized and legalized by apostil of the haya in the Argentinean consulate.

Patent process and time schedule in Argentina:

During the first three years from filling the patent process, we request the patent office to start to analyze the first study.

The registration process takes two years in some cases if all the documentation and description is accurate.

If you have an utility model, let us know your questions.

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